Sunday, February 07, 2016

New Year, New work, new learnings, and fun!

Happy New year! I hope your year so far has been a good one.
For myself, I've had a very creative month of January and beginning of February so far. I'm trying new pattern concepts and using different mediums, from paper collage to gouche to cut-out watercolour collage....

I've even managed to get a print or two on fabric for some mockups I want to make.
I thought you might like to see some process shots from the initial collage to photoshop repeat design to fabric print that I completed recently. I'm still waiting to see the fabric in person, but the printer was kind to send me a pic of the fabric on their print press. Excited much!!

The initial paper collage.

Photoshop is so much fun to use for making repeat patterns. 

My latest design coming to life on beautiful Sateen fabric. Copyright 2016, Julie Harrison

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