Monday, September 14, 2015

New creative challenge - #alittleart

Hello there!

I'm participating in a new art challenge to keep the creative energy flowing.
The super talented Victoria Johnson has started an instagram art project. #alittleart. The objective to design, draw, paint, create a little piece of art 2.5 inches wide (whatever length you like) every day. You can post it to instagram and if you like you can include her @victoriajohnsondesign handle.

I for one am doing what I can, when I can. The size means it doesn't take long and it's a great way to unblock any creative blocks that we artists tend to get at times.

I started with a flower so to stick with it and get some sort of consistency i guess, my theme is flowers. I could have also stuck with a certain colour palette to get this idea of consistency, but i want to explore colour more and see what I am drawn to (no pun intended). It's usually blue (all the time).

I'm also trying various mediums such as ink and dip pen, watercolours, gouache, staedtler fine liners, faber-castell Gelatos, and more recently I purchased Derwent's line painters. Can't wait to try those out! It's a lot of fun. I'm sticking on pieces of paper, using different paper stocks, and soon I'm going to explore more collage and maybe paper cuts and folds whilst sticking to the 2.5inches width restriction.

I've even got an idea about how to present these which I'll probably share later. So check back in and see what I come up with.
Julie x

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