Monday, April 06, 2015

Great advice for an artist

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Nelson of Jennifer Nelson Artists. This lucky opportunity came about from seeing a Facebook post about a service she is offering - to provide advice and support to professional artists with their career goals and answer relevant business questions. I investigated this opportunity further by reading the information on her webpage here:

In my case, I sent off an email and received a reply not long after. Jennifer was terrific at negotiating a suitable time for both of us. At one stage I could have been speaking to her at 2am Brisbane Australia time (which I would not have minded), however Jennifer showed she cared straight away by insisting we get a reasonable time for both of us and we worked out the time difference and scheduled the 1 hour skype chat.
8am in Boston meant 10pm in Brisbane on Good Friday, and a Good Friday it was
My question/s to Jennifer were primarily about my work on my website. What did she think were my strengths? What work stood out for her? How should I structure my website? Did she have any ideas for improvement, whether in the artwork itself or the display of the images? What specific market my work is most suited to? Were there any gaps in my gallery of art that I should focus on? We even touched briefly on a marketing plan for my creative business Pattern Play Studio.

I certainly came away with a lot of information and ideas from that one hour conversation. I would also say from a business perspective it is the best money I have invested in my career and business so far.
The opportunity to speak one-on-one with Jennifer was absolutely refreshing and a huge boost for me personally. I found the conversation flowed effortlessly, and Jennifer was truly lovely and personable. I felt encouraged, positive, and inspired from speaking with Jennifer. I listened to her advice, wrote a heap of notes that I can go back and reflect on and most importantly put into action now.

So this long weekend, with no plans to get away, I’m going to be head down in my studio, putting in place some of the changes we spoke about to my website, and work on the beginnings of hopefully some exciting new collections. Watch this space for more updates on my progress. I can feel exciting times ahead.

Thank YOU again Jennifer!


  1. Great post Julie! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Jennifer ... I'm sorely tempted myself! Jx

  2. Great list of questions Julie. Thanks for sharing this. Good feedback is so important.